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June 8, 2012

 Harmony Links Golf Announces Latest “Design Series” Project; Issues “Harmony Links Challenge”

9-Hole, 2,568-yard 2,235 Yard Personal Golf Estate features 9-fairways, 3-greens


 Harmony Links Golf, the leader in delivering “Next Generation Golf Today,” has announced its latest “Design Series” Project in Zolfo Springs Florida.  The Project is a 3-green, 9-fairway and tee complex with 5 par 4's from 300-385 yards, 4 par 3's from 90-175 yards in length and plays 2,235 yards in length as 9 holes. The project features spectacular green complexes, professionally shaped fairways, over 7,000 sq ft of Harmony Links Commercial Commercial Greens, and 1st Cut Fringe and design by Harmony Links Golf’s award-winning architect and co-founder, Terry LaGree.  There are 18-cup locations on the greens.  Construction was completed in approximately in 3 weeks.

            “I had a vision for a golf complex on my ranch and great recommendations to use Harmony Links Golf.  Now my friends and I will have a place to compete to our hearts content.” said George Pantuso, owner.  We went through several revisions of the design and they delivered exactly what our agreed-to design was!

In conjunction with this announcement, Harmony Links Golf announced the Harmony Links Challenge.  Contact us to arrange a visit to play this great golf amenity and see how your greens will putt and receive shots. You will also notice the award-winning design of the holes.  Harmony Links will show you what “Next Generation Golf” is all about and why you will want to move forward with this concept.  Photos and renderings of the course are now available at

            “This is the perfect golf amenity for a city or development with perfect greens everyday. The routing could be slightly altered to accommodate the increase in players.   In today’s challenging economy, with water usage for golf courses being closely monitored by government bodies, the “Design Series” is exactly what mainstream golf will become.  No more aerification, over-seeding, fertilizing, mowing or watering greens, which results in dramatically reduced maintenance budgets” said Terry LaGree, Harmony Links Golf’s award-winning golf course architect and co-founder.


About Harmony Links Golf
Harmony Links Golf combines innovative golf course design, construction, renovation, and with The Harmony Links Commercial System synthetic turf to deliver "Next Generation Golf Today."  Its two product offerings are:

- The Design Series, for new facility design and construction of “Next Generation Golf” amenities in 3, 6 and 9-hole loops, personal complexes or new golf courses with synthetic turf greens and tees.

- The Renovation Advantage, for existing golf course facility renovation and redesign, integrating synthetic turf into existing mainstream golf courses. This offering makes golf course owners more profitable for courses that are considering renovation (lowered annual maintenance up to $150K/yr equating to $1.5M for the typical 10 yr lifecycle and ROI in 3-4 years.  

Visit and click the orange “playability videos” button or:

-Terry LaGree’s in-depth ROI PowerPoint presentation on transforming USGA and strip-and-till greens into Harmony Links Commercial Commercial Greens presented at the PGA Show breakfast.

You can also see the wide variety of renderings of the Lake Series, Desert Series, The Resort Development Series, The Scottish Links Series, The Practice and Short Game Series and The Marsh Series…all part of the Design Series:


For more information, contact:

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