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January 14, 2019

Harmony Links Golf introduces “The Tribute Series”

1st Course Will Be at The Grand Patrician Resort in W.VA
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For Immediate Release: Harmony Links Golf, the leader in "Delivering Next Generation Golf Today" is introducing its newest Design Series concept, "The Tribute Series” that reflects the world’s most famous golf holes from around the world and incorporates synthetic turf for greens and tees. Its first installation is a 9-hole, par 3 course which is in the final stages of golf course design and civil engineering as part of the Grand Patrician Resort in West VA. Designed by co-founder Terry LaGree, an award-winning golf course architect and builder, this tribute golf course incorporates holes inspired by the most famous golf holes in the world.


The vision and development of the Grand Patrician Resort is led by the Hoops family of Milton West Virginia. Jeff Hoops, a prominent W.VA CEO, had a dream of transforming a historic site into an extravagant destination. Truly unique, this property features 189-acres, incorporating a luxurious resort and spa, convention center, wedding chapel, residential properties including condo units, duplexes and town homes, amphitheater for major concerts, 4 baseball fields inspired by Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, Wrigley Field and Camden Yards, office space, soccer field and its 9-hole par 3 "Tribute Series" golf course.


“Last December, I contacted Harmony Links Golf to share my vision and since then the partnership has worked extremely well. "We’ve been greatly pleased with the design, attention to detail and responsiveness we’ve seen during the master planning phase, preliminary golf course design and now the final golf course design phase from Terry LaGree,” said Jeff Hoops. "Jeff Hartson and I are crafting a joint venture that will enable us to jointly promote and participate in integrating synthetic turf into mainstream golf courses. Once owners realize the savings and playability provided as I did, they will begin to move to this new, more profitable concept for their courses.”


Jeff Hartson, co-founder of Harmony Links Golf added, “When Jeff Hoops contacted us, he had already gone through our website (, seen our ROI videos and realized the playability and profitability advantages of our vision for next generation golf. Our ability to deliver synthetic turf into mainstream golf courses and amenities with award-winning design separates Harmony Links Golf from any other vendor. Synthetic turf companies can’t design and build/renovate golf courses. Golf course architects have little to no experience with synthetic turf green design or how to build them.”


Terry LaGree said, “No more watering or mowing greens, doing aerification 3 times each summer, transitions to overseed, fighting mole crickets, fertilizing, herbicides/pesticides. The profitability from Harmony Links has a 3 to 4-year ROI with a lifecycle of 10-12 years.


This concept can be ideal for real estate developers or resort hotels as it can be scaled down to shorter distances but still retain the excitement of playing holes golfers have seen for decades. It can be enhanced by lighting at night as the Grand Patrician plans to do and is illustrated on the Harmony Links website under “Resort/Development Series.” Conversely, it can be expanded to include par 4 and par 5 holes at full scale, a concept that is starting to take hold in the last two years.


When high handicap players have a golf event at the Grand Patrician Resort, the forward tees and easy pin locations are used, and a simple 10-minute brooming slows the speed of each green to an 8 on the stimpmeter. Conversely, when low handicap players have an event, the greens can be rolled and speeds of 12 can be attained, coupled with difficult pin locations (each green has 10 pin locations of which 9 are covered) and back tees, it is much more challenging.


About Harmony Links Golf:
Over the last 9 years, Harmony Links Golf has delivered full-service design/build services for “Next Generation Golf Today.” This unique concept is built around designing golf courses that elegantly integrate synthetic turf greens and tees, unique golf amenities comprised of 3-hole and 6-hole loops with synthetic turf greens and tees and private golf estates.” Terry LaGree master-planned The Grand Patrician site plan as he did with the Famous Black Diamond Ranch in Lecanto FL.
Additionally, Harmony Links and its sister company, SIX12 Golf, ( have re-designed 18-hole courses into 12-hole courses for developers, offering more property for the developer to increase their ROI. Our Resort/Development Series addresses this need on our Harmony Links website.


About The Grand Patrician:
The Grand Patrician Resort & Spa is a one of a kind destination. Perfect for the curious thrill-seeker as well as those looking for leisure and relaxation, guests can enjoy a family-friendly, modern vacation experience where play and party are just steps away from peace and tranquility. The GPR features a lighted par-3 golf course and is abundantly equipped to provide premium experiences for dream weddings, family celebrations, class reunions, anniversary escape, conferences, or a luxurious weekend spa getaway!  Opening in April for 2020, Visit us at or on Facebook at


For more information on Harmony Links Golf visit or call:
Jeff Hartson at 352-302-8048 or Terry LaGree at 352-302-6319.  
For more information on the Grand Patrician Resort visit or contact Joshua Huffman at 276-220-9232.

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