Golf Course Renovation

“The Design Series, THE LAKE CONCEPT”

The greens and tees in these complexes are designed with Harmony Links Commercial Turf which provides a true a putting surface as there is in the industry and can receive shots from up to 200 yards. So if you are truly serious about improving every aspect of your short game or if you simply want to have a fun-filled golf outing with your entire family, contact us today and see why years of experience and a great product can provide you with a spectacular asset that will enhance the value of any property. Let’s design your dream together!

This Harmony Links Golf complex illustrates the design of replica holes of some of the more famous recognizable Par 3’s in golf.  The rendering represents the pristine reflections of an Augusta Style setting.



  • Personal Golf Complex
  • Acreage  ▫  Total 3 AC / 130,000 SF

          Synthetic Turf   - 15,000 SF
          Real Turf           - 35,000 SF
          Landscape        - 30,000 SF

  • Maintenance Requirements:

           20–25 Man Hours/Week

  • Construction Cost:


  • Construction Time:

                 4–5 Weeks















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Golf Course Renovation
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