Golf Course Renovation

synthetic short course

“The Design Series, THE DESERT CONCEPT”

This theme was created to take advantage of the native desert topography and “target golf” strategy where synthetic turf can dramatically reduce water requirements. Ideal for synthetic short courses or 6, 9, and 12 hole golf courses.

This synthetic golf course theme depicts the native desert terrain and “target golf’” strategy.  The layout shown in the rendering uses less than 20 acres of land.  The layout is designed with 3 greens and multiple teeing grounds and can be played as a 3, 6, 9, 12 or 18-hole layout.  The placement of multiple tee complex allows for 4 Par 5’s, 5 Par 4’s and 6 Par 3’s.


  • Acreage  ▫  Total 20 AC 
         Harmony Links Commercial Turf                - 25,000 SF
          Lakes & Creek Bed     - 3 Acres
          Maintainable Turf        - 8 Acres
          Native Desert Setting  - 7–8 Acres

  • Maintenance Requirements:

         35–40 Man Hours/Week

  • Construction Cost:


  • Construction Time:

                 10–12 Weeks


synthetic short couse green with sand bunker

synthetic golf green

 synthetic golf course green

synthetic 6 hole golf course













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Golf Course Renovation
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